BJP and Maria Lee go bi-coastal

BJP Entertainment now has operations on both the East and West coasts.  Maria has recently relocated to Atlanta, GA, and the BJP Entertainment team will be maintaining offices in both Los Angeles and Atlanta.  Atlanta is an entertainment industry hot spot, and we’re taking advantage of what both the West and East coast markets have to offer.  On the horizon for BJP Entertainment are a new web series, a reality show, and various music projects are in the works.  We’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as BJP Entertainment goes bi-coastal!

Maria’s Pawfect Tea Party VO

Maria voices Alice in Wonderland for the CD of the Storybook Tea Kit Company’s “Alice’s Pawfect Tea Party” kit, an interactive gift set.  Tea guests play the cd, and Alice herself leads the tea party back to Wonderland.  Themed elements of the story are turned into chocolates and cookies.  Check out the behind the scenes video of Maria in the studio.

Visit the Storybook Tea Kit Company’s website and hear a clip of Maria’s work on the CD here.

Just so you know, Maria Lee “Answers to Nothing.”

Answers to Nothing

Maria recently recorded ADR for the upcoming film “Answers to Nothing,” starring Dane Cook, Elizabeth Mitchell, Julie Benz, and directed by Matthew Leutwyler.  Set against the backdrop of a missing girl case, the film follows lost souls throughout Los Angeles in their search for meaning and redemption and examines how they affect each other in ways they don’t always see.   “Answers to Nothing,” is scheduled for a 2011 release date.  For more info on the film check out

Maria’s Latest Project

Maria is thrilled to announce her most recent “project!”  Maria and her husband, William, welcomed their daughter, Lily, on June 9, 2010.  Lily was born at home with the help of a midwife, and everyone is healthy and happy.  We’re very excited about the newest member of the Lee and BJP Entertainment families!